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Anonymous asked : I totally disagree! PERSONALLY I go through drug store mascara and eyeliner because of the re apply! I use a stilla eyeliner and benefit mascara and it lasts 10x longer than what I used to get from drug store brands, just as a heads up:)

& that’s personal opinion which I respect! Not every person is going to think the same way for me I can purchase and wear a $4 NYC eyeliner and it gets me through an entire day, whereas I feel like a more expensive one would so why would I spend $30 on something that goes the same thing when I’d just be purchasing it for the brand name.

Yes I do feel that certain products, such as the Urban Decay Naked Palettes, are worth a higher price tag because the quality is overall better than *most* drugstore eyeshadow’s but I am still able to find very high quality ones in the drugstore.

I don’t believe the type of makeup a person purchases dictates wither they are a good blogger or not, I’m sharing my opinions of products I have purchased and use in my everyday life. As a full-time collage student and someone who promotes products to teenage girls (for the most part) I’m aware that many of them don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on MAC, Sephora and any other brand out there, so while trying to satisfy everyone’s needs is impossible I know what its like to live on a strict budget.

In the future I do plan to purchase more high-end makeup both to try and test out for my blog but because of the ingedients, because high-end makeup generally is better for your skin and health than those purchased at the drugstore. But again the type of makeup I purchase and blog about does not make me a good or bad blogger. I’m being honest and myself with my viewers and if you believe that I should only be doing this if I own high-end makeup and believe you do be wrong. We all have preferences and opinions, but one is simply not better than the other its all about finding a balance and in my PERSONAL opinion I love drugstore makeup and find that many of it is exactly the same as high-end but this is not to say that high-end makeup isn’t better because in some cases it is!


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